Quick fix for netbeans update fail

If you are stuck with an old Java distribution (< 8) , you might see Netbeans fail when it tries to connect to its repositories with this message:

Unable to connect to the Certified Plugins because of Received fatal alert: protocol_version

This is happening because before Java 8 the default version for TLS is 1.0 and the repo server is expecting TLS 1.2

Fortunately, since Java 1.6 r1.1.1 you can use the TLS newer version; just look for the Netbeans launch script (mine is /opt/netbeans/bin/netbeans) and edit the last paragraph:

eval launchNbexec \
   --jdkhome '"$netbeans_jdkhome"' \
   --branding nb \
  --clusters '"$netbeans_clusters"' \
  -J-Dnetbeans.importclass=org.netbeans.upgrade.AutoUpgrade \
  -J-Dnetbeans.accept_license_class=org.netbeans.license.AcceptLicense \
  -J-Dhttps.protocols=TLSv1.2 \ ${netbeans_default_options} \
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