Voronoi / Delaunay GIMP plugin

This plugin will render Voronoi and Delaunay diagrams from a list of random points (sites). It uses Fortune’s algorithm (see libvoronoi.py) which is pretty fast; oddly enough, the slowest by far task in this plugin is the pdb.gimp_paintbrush_default part. Maybe I am doing something wrong…


Anyway, try a small number of sites first, and be sure to select a small brush (1 pixel is great) or the diagram will be a blob.

gimp_voronoi_plugin_both gimp_voronoi_plugin_delaunaygimp_voronoi_plugin_voronoi

Extract the plugin to your ~/.gimpX.X/plug-ins folder under Linux or equivalent under Windows. The file py_tesselate.py must be executable.

You will find the plugin under Filters/Render/Tesselate


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